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this life has been insane, but today has been okay

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Jack: Oh, here we go. Another scientist. General, please.
Sam: Theoretical astrophysicist.
Jack: Which means?
Hammond: Which means she's smarter than you are, Colonel. Especially in matters related to the Stargate

Sam: About my earlier behavior... I wasn't myself, and—
Jack: Oh, Carter, I don't even remember your earlier behavior.
Sam: You don't?
Jack: No, I was infected too, remember?
Sam: Right! Good, I'm—I'm glad.
Jack: By the way, how's the wound?
Sam: Wound?
Jack: I understand you got stabbed in the stomach?
Sam: Oh, yeah, that—that was nothing. With any luck, there won't even be a scar.
Jack: Well, good. I was concerned.
Sam: You were?
Jack: Sure. If it doesn't heal properly, you'll never wear that sweet little tank top number again.

Jack: Then we'd better start looking for a way. Because I'll be damned if I'm going to die on some god-forsaken block of ice a million light years from home. Is that clear?
Sam: Yes Sir!
Jack: Good. Now help me up.
Sam: Ah, I don't think you should move.
Jack: Probably not, but my butt's freezing to the ground. Come on. Ah, a little paint, a coupla windows, maybe a fireplace in the corner, it'll be just like home.

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